Domus Moda!

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Moda supplement, Domus 1014, June 2017, cover detail

Curated by Carlo Antonelli, the Fashion supplement on newsstands with Domus June issue, features a curious graphic design and two introductory texts: the curator’s editorial and one written by Alessandro Mendini on his personal wardrobe

Domus 1014 supplement was born with the intention of bringing back a topic that the magazine examined more than once during its long history. In the past, this topic has been put forward by showcasing and analyzing fashion stores that have become more and more characterized over time.
But it is only with the first supplement from 1981, under the direction of Alessandro Mendini, that the subject has been faced in all its varied complexity. Milan was becoming the “fashion capital” and Italian designers were turning famous worldwide. The wealth of the fashion sector, with steady growth in sales, allowed stylists to become ‘artists’ and art collectors, but it also allowed to create interdisciplinary contaminations. It was the era of the “Milano da bere” (an idiomatic expression that refers to the city’s nightlife) that followed the “Years of Lead”. Mendini claimed that a dress was “the smallest of all architectures”, and his supplement made history. That’s why today’s Domus Moda literally quotes Sottsass’ graphics: anyway, the eighties are back on track! From shoes to rapper’s clothing, from retail spaces to astronauts’ suits, from social media transforming the digital market to emerging designers, the Fashion supplement is a fun dive backwards for your eyes, but serious in its content.
Not to be missed.


Last modified: 16 June 2017