The new frontier of sustainable cloth

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Neo-materials in circular economy - Fashion, cover detail

The book Neomaterials in circular economy – Fashion, is an updated overview of changes occurring in one of the most relevant industries of global economy.

A change in paradigm is transforming the production model of fashion. For a long time, the values embraced by fashion – beauty, creativity, elegance, originality – were considered extraneous or antithetical to those of ecological sustainability.

Today they are being reread in a harmonious key with the big theme of respect for the environment. Marco Ricchetti has conducted a survey of this theoretical basis, and published it with Edizioni Ambiente under the title Neomaterials in circular economy – Fashion (2017).
The main effect of fashion’s new attention for sustainability is the central importance of materials divided into three large areas (renewable, non-renewable and recycled) and the ensuing re-evaluation of the importance of the production chain – from thread to fabric, from finishing to manufacturing – of clothing and accessories.

The book, with graphics by Mauro Panzeri, has been published in English and Italian.


Last modified: 14 June 2017