The five IBM scenarios

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The five IBM scenarios

IBM Research says that five innovations will change the way we live and work over the next five years: deep learning, hyperimaging, macroscopes, mini-detectives in the blood and anti-pollution sensors.

Once again, this year, the vast global network of research organisations known as IBM Research has produced its list of five scientific innovations that will be transformative within the next five years. #ibm5in5 works in different spheres and on different scales, drawing on current research in its laboratories. IBM scientists are studying the transcriptions and recordings of psychiatric interviews, coupled with machine learning techniques, to develop language models that can help clinicians predict and monitor psychosis, depression and obsessive disorders.

The outcome of these studies will be paired with wearable devices and MRIs, allowing patients to be monitored in their homes. New devices inserted into smartphones will combine hyperimaging with artificial intelligence to guarantee us superhero vision; machine learning software and algorithms will help us organise information on any smart accessory or household appliance. Medical labs “on a chip” will adopt nanotechnology to separate and isolate tiny bioparticles, obtaining information to be combined with other devices and analysed using artificial intelligence systems to gain data on various pathologies. Pollution and waste will be reduced by networks of Internet of things sensors connected to the cloud and monitoring natural gas infrastructures to detect leaks in real time.


Last modified: 7 March 2017