Made in Italy Graphene

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Made in Italy Graphene

Design and research come together in a helmet combining high mechanical, heat and safety performance, pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industrial development of new materials.


Momodesign is a Milanese brand founded in 1981 and led by Marco Cattaneo. In collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, it is introducing something totally new onto the market: the application of graphene in the manufacture of an everyday product – the helmet. The application is the result of 18 months’ work to create the first Graphene Helmet, born out of hundreds of laboratory tests involving five IIT researchers and four of the company’s industrial designers. This revolutionary helmet combines increased safety, thanks to the properties of the new material graphene, with the brand’s distinctive style – all further enhanced by its unusual metallic grey colour.

With a history that has made innovation the key to its success, Momodesign has been pioneering the application of hi-tech materials to everyday objects since the 1980s. After carbon fibre, magnesium and titanium, it is involved in another new development today with this new material. Graphene is formed of a monoatomic layer of carbon atoms, its thickness being equal to the size of a single atom. With the mechanical resistance of a diamond and the flexibility of plastic, it has greater mechanical properties than steel or any other element; it is doubly flexible and approximately 20 times more resistant to traction than carbon fibre which is the frontier material on the industrial development scenario.

Thanks to the properties of graphene, the results achieved have given the new helmet improved mechanical and thermal properties, passing all certification tests. Indeed, graphene distributes impact force better than any other material, producing a more impact-resistant helmet and improving safety. Graphene – an excellent electrical and thermal conductor –also guarantees this impact resistance in high temperatures while also delivering high thermal comfort.


Last modified: 17 March 2017