Sure Steps

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Sure Steps

From research project to company – Lise Pape’s passion for medical applications and interaction processes have led to Walk with Path and the development of two products to help those who have difficulty walking.

With biology and business training behind her, an interest in projects focused on user needs and a liking for multidisciplinary work, Lise Pape has a far from common professional profile. Centred on medical applications it has prompted her to develop two wearable projects aimed at reducing the risk of falls in the vulnerable and helping them maintain their independence and quality of life for longer.
Path Feel is a shoe insole that provides better contact between the foot and the ground; conceived for the elderly, it also helps people with diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. The sensors produce tactile stimuli that heighten sensory perception of the surrounding environment and increase movement confidence. Path Finder is attached to the top of the shoe and produces visual cues to help those with an irregular step. It was developed primarily for patients with Parkinson’s who suffer from FoG (Freezing of Gait), a feeling that their feet are glued to the floor. Path Finder will be the first of the two on the market, in a couple of months; Path Feel will take another year.


Last modified: 7 March 2017