XtreeE Pavilion: biomimetics and additive manufacturing, it is the architecture of the future

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XtreeE Pavilion: biomimetics and additive manufacturing, it is the architecture of the future

Dassault Systémes and XtreeE have given a demonstration of the future of architecture, engineering and constructions with the XtreeE Pavilion, a structure inspired by forms found in nature and created with digital technologies and additive manufacturing methods.

The stand has the organic form of a coffee bean, with walls reminiscent of forms seen in forests. Designers and architects can now create biomimetic forms thanks to the potential offered by generative design and modular conception allows the assembly of several pavilions to create structures in various configurations and sizes. XtreeE employed an experimental cement developed by LafargeHolcim and the IRB 8700 industrial robot by ABB to handle the bulky structure.

Additive manufacturing has been adopted industrially for some decades now to design and prototype products but it is currently being extended to the production of large pieces. This evolution brings fresh opportunities in construction and architecture which can seek greater sustainability via new methods favouring creativity and flexibility, the reduction of material wastage and the creation of lighter and more resistant structures. XtreeE optimises the construction of pavilion components via the digital platform, from the design phase to on-site installation. This reduces material consumption to a minimum and eliminates the transport of surplus materials to and from the site, cutting construction costs and improving structural performance.

Architects are not constrained to the linear forms typical of the construction sector but can develop a digital project and transfer the data into the industrial robot’s program, making it possible to stratify the material with variable corners and thicknesses to achieve forms that would be impossible using traditional construction materials. The roof, walls and seats were manufactured with a single continuous process of additive manufacturing. The XtreeE architects and engineers have used the platform 3DExperience by Dassault Systèmes in the Cloud to work collaboratively on the design, simulation and 3D digital validation of the structure’s form, topology and manufacture.

This project is supported by 3DExperience Lab, the innovation and startup accelerator launched by Dassault Systèmes in 2015.


Last modified: 8 June 2017